Scamming Singer Allegedly Funded His Music Career With Over $4 Million In Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

Jun 5, 2019

by Chris Mench @Chris_Mench Chad Focus

He spent money on boosting his streams, buying tickets to his own shows, and putting up billboards.

The success of Baltimore-based singer Chad Focus may not have been what it appeared. Pitchfork and The Baltimore Sun report that the singer, who has collaborated with T-Pain and reached Billboard’s Dance Club songs chart, has been indicted for allegedly charging more than $4 million in fraudulent expenses (many related to his music career) to his company credit card.

Chad Focus, real name Chad Arrington, stands accused of fraudulently bilking an unnamed company, where he was employed as an SEO specialist, out of millions in credit card payments in order to “promote his music, purchase audio equipment, artificially increase plays on Spotify and other streaming services, purchase followers and views for his social media platforms, and yes, purchase Chad Focus billboards throughout the country” according to Pitchfork. One such billboard can be seen below:

The Daily Beast reports that Arrington even spent $125,000 on tickets to his own concerts and over $100,000 on custom “Focus” hats. Arrington and a pair of co-conspirators allegedly accomplished the scam by falsifying credit card statements, forging signatures, and subsequently obtaining unlawful authorizations to have the charges paid off by his company.

In a biography uploaded to his Spotify page, Arrington is ironically quoted about the importance of hard work. “Just as other successful people, Chad Focus knows that the only option is hard work and a concentration on your craft. He explains, ‘There are no excuses and no procrastination, there’s one option… focus on your dreams and goals to Get to the Money.’”

In a recent Instagram post, he talked about being able to make a song go No. 1 for $300,000:

Although much of his music appears to have been removed from streaming services, it remains on YouTube. On his biggest song, “Get to the Money,” he brags about stacking cash: I came from nothing give me my respect
I’m all about a bag, I be thumbing through a check
Getting money like what’s up?
I’m getting money

Arrington now faces federal charges including conspiracy, wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft, and could face as much as 20 years in prison.

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