Watch “9th Wonder & Bob James in conversation around sampling and getting sampled” on YouTube

This video right here was surprising to me because I honestly just heard of Bob James and I hate to say that. However, as bad as that may sound to you older music producers and DJs, better late than never. Being an avid sampler myself, I think Bob James will be a new chapter for me in terms of making music and recreating the past and throwing my own twist on it.

Also, towards the end of the video to see 9th Wonder with all his wisdom showing in his beard become a child when given the opportunity to work with the great Bob James brought it home for me. All I can say is that I can relate and I understand what he’s going through at that very moment right there. I cannot wait to hear what these two come up with.

In the end I think it’s very very important to see how the artist that’s being sampled deals with getting paid or not getting paid. Bob James is a great example, being sample so much by hundreds of artists throughout Hip Hop, on how to be the good sport and also have to show the appreciation and love that every true musician should show when it comes to sharing their music with the world and their peers.

Midas M32 Digital Mixer–MIAM32IP

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19 Irish rappers & producers you should know in 2019

Irish hip-hop: The freshest class of 2019.

Re-Published on 06 June 2019

Luke Sharkey


This is what the very freshest in emerging Irish hip-hop sounds like in 2019 and the people who are making it.

The sound is in rude health across the nation, we just wanted to highlight some of our current favourites, the names the average new music listener might not be so familiar with. There are a few big obvious names missing on the list for that very reason. We chose to focus on the newest as opposed to the ones we already cover like Kojaque, Mango x Mathman, Kneecap, Craic Boi Mental and those we featured very regularly up to this point.

We’re looking at the artists that have come to attention recently, those making waves and those poised to push the envelope heading into the rest of the year. We were conscious of including artists from around the country, which meant a lot of research into scenes built largely upon word of mouth. There’s only one woman on this year’s list, a very disheartening number. While there are tons of quality female MCs worldwide, it’s been a fairly male-dominated field in Ireland thus far. We want this to change.

Let’s dig in.


Denise Chaila

, 19 Irish rappers & producers you should know in 2019

Limerick MC Denise Chalia’s genesis as an MC is in the realms of spoken word poetry. Chaila first appeared on ‘Isn’t Dinner Nice’, a track from Rusangano Family’s Let The Dead Bury The Dead. Her piece on that track touches upon the themes still dominant in her debut solo release, the double-sided ‘Duel Citizenship’; feminism, race and the idea of otherness in society.

It’d be easy to assume that a poet centred around those issues might be a bit on the heady side but both ‘Duel Citizenship’ and ‘Copper Bullet’ are banging, full of groove and energy. Her appearance on Sim Simma Soundsystem’s Pass The Aux Chord birthed the best track on the project’s ‘Man Like Me’. These tracks are strong first beginnings from Chaila, an artist with substance and energy bursting from these first missives, and with her scant few appearances on stages thus far.


Pat Lagoon

, 19 Irish rappers & producers you should know in 2019

One man from Waterford doing it his own way. Pat Lagoon has been gradually honing the best trap sound in the country through a slew of releases and EPs. Lagoon seems to work best when paired with a creative producer. The Agua Sippin EP with Paye Fox proved Lagoon can do a pop-rap sound, while the Recess EP with RikShaw found the Waterford man doing the trap sound excellently.

Clearly, Lagoon is a versatile MC. Whatever he releases next will be the result of what he sets his creative ambition against.



, 19 Irish rappers & producers you should know in 2019

Irish conscious rap in motion. JyellowL arrives onto this list with a mixtape and an EP already under his belt. The Dublin city artist tends to focus his lyricism around themes of political ideology (as on his debut mixtape Bulletproof) and around issues of identity and materialism, as on his most recent Me N Me Too EP.

The industry is beginning to take notice, L has long been associated with the Word Up Collective, and he recently also signed up with MPI Artists and has since bagged support slots for Jay Rock and The Game. A conscious-minded artist with the hustle to match his ambition.


Hazey Haze

, 19 Irish rappers & producers you should know in 2019

Limerick native Hazey Haze is among the most distinctive of Limerick’s ongoing MC boom. It’s somewhere in the gravel pit quality of the MC’s rapid vocal delivery. Tracks like ‘This Is My City’ and ‘Texts From My Ex’ show the polar emotional stations Haze’s music comes from – out and out aggression and vulnerable space.

Haze is active on the gig front, playing in his hometown of Limerick and elsewhere in the country. If you’re looking to delve a bit deeper into his discography, start at the Spilling Beans EP and then head over to the material he contributed to the Same D4ence duo.


Alex Gough

, 19 Irish rappers & producers you should know in 2019

A drummer turned producer and lyricist, Gough’s ‘Breakfast’ brings about as much glamour to the life of a broke student as one could possibly bring. ‘Breakfast’ has been among the strongest Irish hip-hop tracks of 2019 thus far, an exciting addition to the scene. That the track has garnered nearly 80,000 streams on Spotify shows we’re not alone in feeling that way.


Clerk 5

Clerk 5’s debut mixtape for Unscene is among my favourite hip-hop I’ve been exposed to this year. A crushy blend of jazz, lo-fi and funk instrumentals courtesy of Deviant and Naive Ted provide ample platform for Clerk’s dynamic flow and imagery heavy lyrics. ‘Go The Distance’ is a highlight, boasting the sort of collage style arrangement lots of the material coming out of NY circa 1990 had. I’m almost certain they sample someone reading Hunter S. Thompsons daily diet routine aloud too, massive bonus points.

Clerk 5 is typical of many of the acts on this list, plenty of flow and technique but little available in terms of brand or biography. Fingers crossed this changes.



Mankky is among the most active hip-hop producers in the country. Hailing from the west, the young man produces primarily for aritsts in affiliation with Unscene Tapes. The producer dropped his own mixtape in 2018 called The Lonesome Planet Man. Stick it in your ears now to find out what this idiosyncratic producer is all about.



, 19 Irish rappers & producers you should know in 2019

Based in North Dublin, RikShaw has been getting it done as a solo artist and, collaborator. His work with fellow trap-leaning MC Pat Lagoon is probably his finest work and ‘Shining’ is a great example. Capable of high tempo flows (check out ‘Coming Through’) and laying down earworm hooks, RikShaw is among the most versatile and dynamic names on this list.



, 19 Irish rappers & producers you should know in 2019

One of the more old school-flavoured MCs on the list, Dublin MC Nealo made the sharp transition from hardcore punk to hip-hop like a natural. His debut EP October Year caught our attention with its lo-fi production aesthetic and grounded lyricism. His latest single, ‘Just My Luck’, hears the MC pushing for a high fidelity production aesthetic while retaining the street level vernacular. One of the first names that comes to mind when thinking of Dublin MCs. He’s playing Future Proof on April 25th.


Caleb & Walshy

, 19 Irish rappers & producers you should know in 2019

If soulful and sleek downtempo instrumentals with silky smooth vocal deliveries are your thing then you should definitely be listening to hip-hop duo Caleb & Walshey. MC Caleb hails from London and producer/beatmaker Walshey from Dublin. The pair recently premiered their Terminal 27 mixtape here on the site and we’ve been digging it since. Be on the lookout for the odd Dublin date from the duo too.



, 19 Irish rappers & producers you should know in 2019

One of the most unique hip-hop sounds in the country, Why-Axis’ music blends urban sounds with bombastic funk and pop elements. His 2018 mixtape Airplane Mode got many a repeat listen. Part of the GOOD BUZZ crew, Axis is poised to drop a new mixtape in the coming months. Kudos must also be given to the artist for developing a distinct visual brand and aesthetic, a feat which alongside his music has helped him gain a loyal fanbase.


Jar Jar Jr.

Cork native Jar Jar Jr. may well be hip-hop producer supreme over here. Aligned to Softboy Records, most of Jr’s material comprises of a capellas put to new beats. As is the case on ‘J0000007.WAV’, above. There’s a definite Dilla vibe, especially in the producer’s taste for oriental or otherwise world music-inspired instrument sounds.

However, Jar Jar clearly has an ear for the writing process, providing the beat for Kojaque’s ‘Love & Braggadocio’ off Deli Daydreams. Soundcloud, with its lax copyright rules, is Jr’s ideal platform. There’s a lot of his material up there, so get digging in.


Outsider YP

, 19 Irish rappers & producers you should know in 2019

One of Cork’s most established figures in hip-hop and head of the Outsiders Collective, Outsider YP‘s own music boasts a nigh sadboy trap aesthetic. Not that the MC makes any attempt to hide from that label, his 2018 mixtape Sadboy Ultra bears the namesake proudly. It’s a very strong release, opening with the wailing ‘Nine Tails’ and finishing with the warped ‘Bliss’, which features fellow collective member Olympío.


Breezy Ideygoke

, 19 Irish rappers & producers you should know in 2019

Liverpool based MC Breezy Ideygoke was featured on Sim Simma Soundsystem’s superb EP Pass The Aux Chord. The Irish native’s first body of work arrive in 2017 with AfroBreeze, however, the work Ideygoke did with Ben Bix & Semi-D of Sim Simma showcased the artist in a fresh light. A more dancehall orientated beat seems to suit the artist’s own upbeat delivery. More like this, please.


Strange Boy Nature

One of the members of Limerick’s Unscene Tapes, we don’t know much else about Strange Boy Nature bar that his music absolutely bangs and his real name is Jordan Kelly and he formerly went by . His recent single ‘String Theory’ has some of the hottest bass we’ve heard on a track recently, I still have whiplash. The flow is on point too, full of aggression and intent. The MC was featured on the Unscene Tapes Vol.1 video, giving the top stuff to an eager audience. This is street level in its rawest form.


J. B2

At 18, in his Athlone home, J.B2 helped found the 090 crew. Now London-based, the Drill artist takes zero prisoners in his verses (Vice did an article on Irish drill music if you’re looking for a primer). Also operating under the moniker of Mr. Affilate, this MC’s music is not for the conscious minded. His most recent link up with Poundz which dropped last week now has 700k views in the last week alone.


Spekulativ Fiktion

, 19 Irish rappers & producers you should know in 2019

“Modern life is feckin madness/ As we navigate Takeshi’s Castle” , so says Corkman Spekulativ Fikition on the opener of his Effigies EP. Hyper detailed lyricism and lo-fi beats are the staples of this discontented MC. Fikition’s lyrics give an insight into a creative mind seemingly at odds with some of modern life’s most jarring truisms. Cork and Limerick heads should keep an eye peeled for live dates, Fiktion often plays gigs in both cities.


Sick Nanley

, 19 Irish rappers & producers you should know in 2019

Burner Record’s man Sick Nanley was the new label’s first imprint, releasing the impressive ‘Mouthspit’. The Dublin native is all tongue in cheek, citing the importance of a good chicken fillet roll technique with a wry smile. Since the release of the single, Nanley has been playing a slew of dates around the city with his fellow label mates.


Chris Kabs

, 19 Irish rappers & producers you should know in 2019

You might not recognise his name outright, but if you’ve been keeping an ear on the hip-hop scene you’ve more than likely heard Chris Kabs’ work. Kabs is perhaps best known for his production work, on his resume so far are JyellowL, Pat Lagoon, RikShaw, Tebi Rex and Reuben James with many many more not included here.

Kabs’ production aesthetic tends to lean toward trap type beats, with tightly mixed hi-hats and shimmery synth backdrops. Yet, Kabs’ own music leans far further toward R&B, especially his most recent single ‘Forgive Forget Love Again’. For a taste of what he’s done for others, you’d have to check out his 2017 The Untold mixtape, we highly recommend that you do.

In Search Of: 20-Year-Old Louisiana Rapper JayDaYoungan Is Quietly Building His Fanbase

Jun 5, 2019 by Eddie Fu @eddiefu

JayDaYoungan 23 Endless Pain Forever 23 Elimination Thot Thot

Viral hits like “Elimination” & “Thot Thot” have raised his profile from regional star to artist to watch.

Here at Genius, we’re in a unique position as a music lyrics site to discover rising artists while staying on top of the latest trends. Millions of fans come to Genius every day after using Google to find the lyrics for songs they truly love, whether they’re looking for their favorite buzzing artists or the most viral songs of the moment. Every week, we’re going to look at our data and pinpoint why fans have been searching for a selected artist. While our Top Songs charts already reflect what’s popular right now, this is a deeper dive into the data to find the hidden gems that aren’t as readily apparent.

Louisiana rapper JayDaYoungan has built buzz over the past few years by releasing a steady stream of mixtapes, boosting his profile from a regional star to an artist on the verge of breaking out. The 20-year-old native of Bogalusa, Louisiana has largely done it on his own—Jay’s biggest feature appearances to date have been on songs by fellow rising rappers like Quando Rondo and Yungeen Ace. In addition to building a fanbase without any major cosigns, Jay prefers to drops projects without any features.

Although JayDaYoungan grew up listening to Kevin Gates, Boosie Badazz, and Chief Keef, he’s only been rapping seriously for three years. Jay was more focused on hoop dreams until he got kicked off his high school basketball team.

“I didn’t take it serious until I dropped a song on YouTube,” Jay told Hypebeast in January 2018. “I got the feedback on it and the fans were loving it and they reacted to it. I got a lot of love and they were telling me I needed to take it serious and that I had the voice for it.”

JayDaYoungan found regional popularity in 2017 with “Sliding Freestyle” and “Muddy Situation” before gaining national exposure with songs like “Interstate” and “Elimination.” The latter track is taken from his July 2018 project titled 23 and remains Jay’s most popular song on Genius to date, with 111,973 total pageviews.

Thanks to JayDaYoungan’s rising prominence, “Elimination” took off faster than his previous songs. It started off strong by averaging 770 Genius pageviews in July and maintained the momentum in August with 687 average daily pageviews. Though the track’s popularity tailed off in the fall, Jay was quick to follow up with another project before the end of year.

His next project, Forever 23, earned JayDaYoungan his Billboard 200 debut at No. 86, and featured his next viral hit, “Thot Thot.” Once again, the song got off to an auspicious start, racking up 700 average daily pageviews in December before leveling out the next month with 527 average daily pageviews. “Thot Thot” maintained a similar level of interest in February (477 average daily pageviews), March (479 average daily pageviews), and April (422 average daily pageviews).

The enduring success of “Thot Thot” allowed Jay to drop a string of singles leading into his next project, Endless Pain, which debuted even higher on the Billboard 200 at No. 70 after being released on May 17. Thus far, the most popular tracks are “Repo” and “War Ready,” both of which were released as pre-release singles, but “Bang” has an opportunity to be a breakout hit. The song’s audio-only video garnered well over one million YouTube views in two weeks, and it racked up 8,709 total pageviews over the same time period.

Just a few years into his career, JayDaYoungan has shown a prolific work ethic and developed a formula for consistently delivering viral hits. While many of his contemporaries seem content with blowing up overnight thanks to a meme or a major cosign, JayDaYoungan seems to be steadily growing his fanbase organically. If the young rapper continues on this path—or scores a true breakout hit—he could become more than an artist to watch.

Chance The Rapper Teases A New Song For The ‘All That’ Reboot Soundtrack

Chance The Rapper Teases A New Song For The ‘All That’ Reboot Soundtrack

Jun 4, 2019, by Chris Mench @Chris_Mench

Chance the Rapper

The new show will still use TLC’s original theme song.

While fans are mostly concerned about getting Chance the Rapper’s long-awaited debut album, the Chicago MC has multiple projects in the works. His latest venture is a song for the upcoming reboot of Nickelodeon’s beloved sketch comedy show All That. Backed by a gospel choir, Chance raps about staying tuned in for the 30-minute show:

Although the song appears to be Chance’s take on a theme song, it won’t appear in the opening credits for the show. In a recent interview with Cheddar, former cast member and current executive producer Kel Mitchell confirmed that the reboot will still use TLC’s original theme. “It’s been all over the internet, everybody is going crazy. I’m going to say it right here, right now. The song is staying,” Mitchell said.

TLC released the All That theme song in 1994, recorded during the same sessions that produced the trio’s classic album, CrazySexyCool. It appeared on the All That soundtrack, which also featured songs by Aaliyah, Immature, Soul for Real, Faith Evans, Naughty By Nature, and more.

Comedian Vena E. teased a new All That soundtrack featuring Chance in a recent Instagram post, where she thanked the Chicago rapper for his work on the new series.

BIG MOOD: I Don’t Think They Ready Bro @chancetherapper ?…. Man Thank You For Being A Supporter Of My Creativity & Comedy?? & Trust Me The Feelings Is Mutual! Keep Being Dope & Ambitious ? PERIODDD…… Humbly Grateful & Yessssssss You & @mr_hotspot Got Crazy On The “ALL THAT” Soundtrack…. Put me On The REMIX?

Chance is readying his debut album, which drops in July, but he also took some time this year to record a Super Bowl commercial for Doritos with Backstreet Boys. He’s linked up with artists like 2 Chainz, Tee Grizzley, Supa Bwe, and Ed Sheeran for features, and dropped his new single, “GRoCERIES,” last month.

Catch up on all the lyrics to Chance the Rapper’s biggest hits on Genius now.

Machine Gun Kelly Performs His Eminem Diss “Rap Devil” In Detroit

Machine Gun Kelly Performs His Eminem Diss “Rap Devil” In Detroit

Jun 4, 2019


The Cleveland rapper kicked off his tour in Eminem’s hometown.

Machine Gun Kelly isn’t done with his Eminem beef quite yet. Over the weekend, the Cleveland rapper kicked off his Hotel Diablo Tour in Em’s hometown of Detroit by performing his diss track, “Rap Devil.” During the performance, MGK displayed Em’s face on the screen behind him.

“never forget. i love u DETROIT ? #HotelDiabloTour,” MGK wrote in the Instagram post sharing a clip of the performance.

MGK release “Rap Devil” last fall in response to Eminem’s Kamikaze track titled “Not Alike,” when he references the time Kelly called Em’s daughter Hailie “hot as fuck” when she was only 16 years old. On “Rap Devil,” MGK accuses Em of trying to sabotage his career and alleges that Em is old and bitter about his place in the current rap scene.

Genius broke down everything you need to know about “Rap Devil”:

During a September 2018 interview with Sway Calloway, Eminem explained that he started the beef with MGK after the latter rapper mentioned Em’s daughter on Tech N9ne’s “No Reason (The Mosh Pit Song).”

A week and a half later, Eminem fired back with “Killshot.” On the track, the Shady Records boss insists he didn’t try to blackball MGK and takes credit for giving his career a boost before destroying it.

Genius broke down all the “Killshot” disses in the video below:

Although Eminem and MGK’s beef has mostly simmered down since then, the rappers took shots at each other in February. Eminem refused to perform “Killshot” during a concert in Australia, saying he “can’t give that cocksucker any more fucking light.” In response, MGK tweeted that Em made the right decision not to perform the “weak ass song.”

Watch the video above, and read all the lyrics to Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil”on Genius now.