Watch “9th Wonder & Bob James in conversation around sampling and getting sampled” on YouTube

This video right here was surprising to me because I honestly just heard of Bob James and I hate to say that. However, as bad as that may sound to you older music producers and DJs, better late than never. Being an avid sampler myself, I think Bob James will be a new chapter for me in terms of making music and recreating the past and throwing my own twist on it.

Also, towards the end of the video to see 9th Wonder with all his wisdom showing in his beard become a child when given the opportunity to work with the great Bob James brought it home for me. All I can say is that I can relate and I understand what he’s going through at that very moment right there. I cannot wait to hear what these two come up with.

In the end I think it’s very very important to see how the artist that’s being sampled deals with getting paid or not getting paid. Bob James is a great example, being sample so much by hundreds of artists throughout Hip Hop, on how to be the good sport and also have to show the appreciation and love that every true musician should show when it comes to sharing their music with the world and their peers.